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【亚博登录地址】【复盘】深陷舆论漩涡的博格巴 仍是法国队重要一环
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Sports Weekly Reporter Sun Qi


Since the first confrontation 94 years ago, there has been no shortage of classics in the confrontation between France and Portugal. After the decisive battle at the top of Europe at the French Stadium four years ago, the two teams would have had another direct collision in the final round of this year's European Cup group stage. Due to the postponement of the epidemic, the European League contest has become a preview of the Delaunay Cup. In this contest between the European Cup champion and the World Cup champion, the two teams played the same regular-time score as the 2016 final. The fierceness was slightly less exciting.


Attack group "give way" main defense strategy


In the previous history of the battle between the two teams, the Gauls won three times as many games as the Portuguese, and they won 7 games and 6 wins in the new century, but the home defeat four years ago still left the Blues soldiers in their throats. Before the game, Deschamps and Lloris also deliberately played down the concept of revenge through "failure is in the past." In the last battle, the Blues coach presented the diamond 442 on the offensive end with full firepower. The performance of crushing Ukraine allowed him to continue this strategy against the strongest opponent since the start of the European League. Kanter served as the "diamond" base, and Pogba and Rabiot were responsible for delivering the shells to Griezmann behind the striker. The Portuguese lineup is relatively complete, and the level of staffing is no less luxurious than four years ago. The Gauls ushered in a tough battle.


Under the European League system where only the group leader can advance to the semi-finals, defense has become the top priority of the powers, and it also set the tone of the competition. Both sides put most of their troops into high-intensity defense. Opposite coach Santos sent two "black and hard" sweeps in the midfield, limiting the inspiration of the French team. As a striker wingman, it is difficult for Griezmann to deliver a fatal blow to the two striker knives under the strict guard of the Portuguese. Mbappe is not lacking in expressiveness in front of the idol Ronaldo, but the space left for him is really limited. .

在只有小组组长晋级半决赛的欧洲联盟体系下,防守已成为列强的当务之急,这也为比赛定下了基调。双方将其大部分部队置于高强度防御中。相反的教练桑托斯在中场发了两次“黑而硬”的横扫,这限制了法国队的灵感。作为前锋边锋,格里兹曼很难在葡萄牙人的严格保护下对两把前锋刀造成致命的打击。姆巴佩在偶像罗纳尔多面前并不缺乏表达能力,但留给他的空间确实有限。 。

The French team’s defensive line organization in this game is still stable. Paval and Hernandez seem to show the two wings of both offensive and defensive in the 2018 World Cup; Kim Pembe regained the ball nine times and only lost the ball once. This is France. The best stats for the team's defenders in four years-it was previously made by Umtiti, and the Paris central defender filled the position of the World Cup champion central defender. Captain Loris completed his 117th national team appearance, surpassing Desailly and heading for Henry (123 games). The members of the defensive line ensured that the French team ultimately kept their innocence, and they also continued their zero record against Ronaldo.

法国队在这场比赛中的防守线组织仍然稳定。帕瓦尔和埃尔南德斯似乎在2018年世界杯足球赛中展现了进攻和防守的两翼;金·彭贝(Kim Pembe)九次夺回球,仅丢了一次球。这是法国。此前四年,这是球队的后卫最好的数据-这是Umtiti做出的,巴黎中后卫占据了世界杯冠军中后卫的位置。洛里斯船长完成了他的第117场国家队出场,超过了德塞利,前往亨利(123场比赛)。防守线的成员确保了法国队最终保持清白,并且他们还继续保持对罗亚博登录地址纳尔多的零战绩。

Pogba + Kanter continues the law of luck

Pogba + Kanter延续了幸运法则

Although they failed to complete their revenge at home, the French team retreated at home and continued to retain the initiative to win the title. This campaign Pogba returned to the starting lineup, this is his return to the main lineup of the national team again after 16 months. The Manchester United midfielder has recently been caught in a whirlpool of public opinion, but his performance in this field showed signs of a gradual recovery after the new crown has recovered.


Beside Kanter and Rabiot two players who are tough enough, Pogba's performance proves that he is still an important part of the Blues midfield. Manchester United's midfielder was in a low position for most of the time. In the first half, when Portugal continued to instigate the offensive with the other two midfielders, they stabilized the central axis; and when switching from defense to offense, Pogba would act as the initiator. Mann’s 33rd minute opportunity came from his plan. Judging from several long passes, Pogba is still far from his best.


Seeing that the three attackers in the frontcourt received limited support in the first half, Pogba tried to deliver more shells for Giroud and Mbappe in the second half. The Manchester United midfielder won more physical confrontations, and the Blues gradually regained the dominance of the game. In the 76th minute, Pogba tried a long shot from the outside of the penalty area, but it was too straight. The talented midfielder is still working hard to recover. He and Kanter's midfield partner have once again become the lucky combination of the French team. The two start together = the blues undefeated law is still continuing (19 wins, 6 draws).


Deschamps affirmed the team’s overall performance and midfield performance after the game, but he did not hesitate to point out: “We could have done better, the team needs to deal with the final blow. The midfielder played an impressive performance. Satisfactory technology and complementary, especially helped us control the rhythm in the second half." After completing the national team's 100 games in the last round, the smug Giroud set his goal for next year's European Cup. At least from the international competitions that have ended this year, this blue team still has a lot to polish from the individual to the macro level.


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