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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the April 6th.


Nowadays, major leagues have been suspended for nearly a month due to the epidemic, and football seems to have entered the annual "grass period" ahead of schedule, and various transfer rumors have emerged one after another. Neymar's future is still confusing, and Inter Milan striker Lautaro seems to be a big traffic user this summer. In addition, according to the "Daily Sports" report, Barcelona has informed Rakitic that he will be sold in Xia Chuang.


In addition, the new crown epidemic brought another bad news to football. The Ligue 1 team doctor contracted new crown pneumonia and chose to commit suicide during the isolation period.

此外,新的王冠流行给足球带来了另一个坏消息。 Ligue 1队医生染上了新的冠状肺炎,并在隔离期间选择自杀。

The football world shrouded in the shadow of the new crown received another unfortunate news. The team doctor Bernard González of the Ligue 1 Reims Club committed suicide on April 5 after contracting new crown pneumonia at the age of 60.

笼罩在新王冠阴影下的足球世界又收到了一个不幸的消息。 Ligue 1 Reims Club的队医BernardGonzález在60岁时患上新的冠状肺炎后于4月5日自杀。

According to Spanish media "Daily Sport", Barcelona has informed Rakitic that he will be sold this summer.


The French media "Team Daily" reported that the new crown epidemic has brought considerable economic impact to the major European teams, and because of this, Paris does not have to worry about Mbappe and Neymar being robbed this summer. .

法国媒体《 Team Daily》报道,新的王冠流行给主要的欧洲球队带来了可观的经济影响,因此,巴黎不必担心姆巴佩和内马尔会在今年夏天被抢劫。 。

According to The Athletic, if Lingard leaves Manchester United in the next transfer window, Arsenal will still be one of the teams he is more likely to join.


Spanish media "Daily Sport" reported that Neymar is no longer willing to continue playing for Paris Saint-Germain next season, and the second season of the annual football drama "Where to Go" will be staged as scheduled this summer.

西班牙媒体“ Daily Sport”报道说,内马尔不再愿意在下个赛季继续为巴黎圣日耳曼队效力,而年度足球电视剧“去哪儿”的第二季将于今年夏天如期上演。

It is reported that Delicht has told Raiola that he wants to leave Juventus. It is difficult for him to adapt to Juventus's tactical system, which puts him under a lot of pressure from public opinion. He wants to change his environment.


According to the "Daily Sport" news, Inter Milan is willing to offer Lautaro a 4 million annual salary renewal contract, but the players want more.


Kyle Walker recently violated quarantine regulations and held a private party at home. At this time, it was quickly exposed by the media, Walker had to apologize to the public, and Manchester City officials also said that he would be punished internally.

凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)最近违反了隔离规定,并在家中举行了私人聚会。这时,媒体迅速将其曝光,沃克不得不向公众道歉,曼城官员也表示将对他内部进行处罚。

At present, Goulart has successfully returned to China from Brazil and is being isolated at a designated quarantine hotel in Guangzhou. After the 14-day observation period is successfully completed, he can join the team for training.


According to domestic media reports, the former famous forward of Liaoning and Shenhua, and former international player Zhang Yuning, known as the "Jade Face Killer", is currently serving as the coach of the Qingdao Huanghai U19 echelon.


According to reporter Lin Benjian, the national football team that was quarantined in Sanya underwent the second nucleic acid test after returning home today, and the whole team will be released from isolation tomorrow morning.


On April 5th, Beijing time, the famous sports blogger Jallo_Tang broke the news that a French-Chinese defender was close to joining Guangzhou R&F.


According to reporter Yuan Ye's report, the Chinese Football Association will hold a league work conference on April 10, which will involve two major topics: access and salary cuts.


According to the "Sports Weekly" report, the former Shandong Luneng meritorious coach and now coach of the Oman national team Blanco Ivankovic took the initiative to ask the Oman Football Association for a 61% pay cut. During the epidemic, he was isolated at home and believed that he had no right to take it. To full salary.


"Evening Flag" reported that Rooney recalled the "blink door" incident between Ronaldo and him in an interview recently, and said that if he encountered this situation, he might do the same.


A few days ago, Shanghai SIPG foreign aid Ahmedov accepted an interview with Russian media. Ahmedov believed that China has basically defeated the new crown virus and the Chinese Super League will resume at the end of May in the new season.


Manchester City defender Kyle Walker talked about his happy teammate Sterling in a recent video interview and ridiculed his running posture in particular.

曼彻斯亚博登录地址特城的后卫凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)在最近的一次视频采访中谈到了他快乐的队友斯特林,并特别嘲笑了他的跑步姿势。

Recently, Brazilian legend Zico talked about Neymar in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. He thinks Neymar is very good, but he needs to learn the professionalism of Messi and Ronaldo.

最近,巴西传奇人物Zico在接受Gazzetta dello Sport采访时谈到了内马尔。他认为亚博登录地址内马尔非常出色,但是他需要学习梅西和罗纳尔多的专业知识。

Carragher recently criticized Liverpool because they announced that they would use the government's vacation plan for some employees. To


The Sun reported that the famous singer Catherine Harding and Chelsea midfielder Jorginho fell in love, and the woman has been pregnant for 5 months.


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