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"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."                                    亚博登录地址                                                                                      ——Bill Shankly

“有些人相信足球是生死攸关的问题,对此的态度我感到非常失望。我可以向您保证,足球的重要性远不止于此。” -比尔Sha脚

If you want to talk about the topic center of European football over the past two years and the team that can be called "flow responsibility", Liverpool on the Merseyside will undoubtedly be among the top on this list. This team, called the "Red Army" by the fans, is at its peak in the last thirty years. Salah, Mane, Firmino, and Henderson wore blood-red robes, conquering one after another invincible home. The author has been watching Liverpool’s football for some years, but when I think about it carefully, I have always lacked a clear answer: that is, Liverpool, known as the "Red Army," what they have is quite for Chinese fans. The title of "The Reds", which is quite acclaimed, is really just because the team history of this team is as red as their iconic color? Or maybe, this veteran club, which was founded in 1892 and has a history of 128 years, is inextricably linked to the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants in the East and SHZY New China behind the Red Army? The fact is that in the long history of the "Red Army" Liverpool, the "SHZY trend" is indeed an important part of this team. In the era when Liverpool legendary coach Bill Shankly was in charge of the coach (Bill-Shankly), the brand of SHZY was directly injected into Liverpool's team temperament by this awe-inspiring SHZY from Scotland. To a certain extent, Liverpool, the "Red Army" that dominates European football, and our glorious Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army are actually not close, but in fact they are connected, seemingly unrelated.

如果您想谈谈过去两年中欧洲足球的主题中心以及可以称为“流动责任”的球队,那么默西塞德郡的利物浦无疑将是这份名单中的佼佼者。在过去的30年中,这个被球迷称为“红军”的球队达到了顶峰。萨拉赫(Sarah),鬃毛(Mane),菲尔米诺(Firmino)和亨德森(Henderson)穿着鲜红色的长袍,征服了无敌的家。作者多年来一直在观看利物浦的足球比赛,但是当我仔细考虑一下时,我始终缺乏明确的答案:也就是说,被称为“红军”的利物浦对中国球迷来说是相当不错的。颇受赞誉的“红军”头衔真的只是因为这支球队的队史和他们的标志性色彩一样红?也许,这个老兵俱乐部成立于1892年,已有128年的历史,它与东方中国的工农红军和红军背后的SHZY新中国有着千丝万缕的联系?事实是,在利物浦“红军”悠久的历史中,“ SHZY趋势”确实是这支球队的重要组成部分。在利物浦传奇教练比尔·尚克利(Bill-Shankly)负责教练的时代,来自苏格兰的这位令人敬畏的SHZY将SHZY品牌直接注入了利物浦的球队气质。在某种程度上,利物浦,支配欧洲足球的“红军”与我们光荣的中国工农红军实际上并没有亲密接触,但实际上它们是紧密相连的,似乎无关紧要。

After becoming the helm of Liverpool at the end of 1959 in the last century, Bill Shankly directly promoted Liverpool, who had been doing nothing at the time in the second division, to the extent that he could dominate England and lead the European battlefield. Under his leadership, Liverpool won three old League One leagues (the top English league at the time, and was restructured into the current Premier League in 1992), two FA Cups and one UEFA Cup champions. Supporting the "Steel Red Army" to further conquer the European continent laid an irreplaceable foundation. One of the most famous quotes by Bill Shankly that is most frequently cited by fans of the second and middle schools is the phrase "Football has nothing to do with life and death, football is higher than life and death" that seems a bit dominant (life and death) The time (football) is irrelevant (to say a digression, and now the meaning of this sentence has been misinterpreted and abused by many fans who did not fully understand the background of Shankly's speech, which is regrettable). For Liverpool people, although Shankly’s record of leading the team is not as good as his successor Bob-Paisley (Bob-Paisley), but Shankly’s founder status, pioneering "boot room" tradition and infusion The soul of the team has made this extraordinary Scottish old man the most admired club legend among Liverpool fans.

在上个世纪1959年末成为利物浦的掌舵人之后,比尔·香克利(Bill Shankly)直接晋升了当时在第二师中无所作为的利物浦,以至于他可以统治英格兰并领导欧洲战场。在他的领导下,利物浦赢得了三个旧的联赛冠军联赛(当时是顶级英格兰联赛,并于1992年改组为当前的英超联赛),两个足总杯冠军和一个欧洲联盟杯冠军。支持“钢铁红军”进一步征服欧洲大陆奠定了不可替代的基础。比尔·香克利(Bill Shankly)最著名的名言之一是:“足球与生死无关,足球比生死攸关”,这句话在第二和中学的球迷中经常被引用。生死攸关)时间(足球)是无关紧要的(说个题外话,现在这句话的意思已被许多不完全理解尚克利演讲背景的粉丝误解和滥用,这是令人遗憾的)。对于利物浦人来说,尽管香克利领导球队的记录不及他的继任者鲍勃·佩斯利(Bob-Paisley),但香克利的创始人身份,开拓“靴子室”的传统和灌输的精神使该团队成为了苏格兰人这位老人是利物浦球迷中最令人敬佩​​的俱乐部传奇。

As the world's No. 1 sport with countless fans, football has a huge audience, which makes it and politics sometimes even if people want to completely separate football and politics, they often fail. Some people think that football should be separated from politics. The well water should not violate the river water. The farther away the better, "Give us a world of pure enjoyment of football!"; But there are some people who have fully experienced football and its effects. It represents the huge potential of the entire sports industry.


And our SHZYer Bill Shankly, is such a coach with such an attitude towards football. On that day, Liverpool lost 1-2 to Arsenal in the FA Cup final, failing to bring the championship trophy back to Liverpool and sent it to the hands of the old folks. However, when the Liverpool team returned to their city by train, they were surprised to find that the KOPs (the name of Liverpool’s diehard fans) were still infatuated and singing endlessly outside the station waiting for the return of their heroes. Yes, even if the Liverpool soldiers did not get the FA Cup championship trophy, they are still the pride of the fans. Fans will not stop loving their players because of a short loss.

我们的SHZYer Bill Shankly是一位如此对待足球的教练。那天,利物浦在足总杯决赛中以1比2输给了阿森纳,未能将冠军奖杯带回利物浦,并送给了老人们。但是,当利物浦车队乘火车返回他们的城市时,他们惊讶地发现KOP(利物浦顽固派球迷的名字)仍然痴迷不已,在车站外不断歌唱,等待英雄归来。是的,即使利物浦士兵没有获得足总杯冠军奖杯,他们仍然是球迷的骄傲。球迷们会因为短暂的损失而停止爱他们的球员。

Perhaps in this golden dollar football era, the strong influx of capital and the "dove occupying the magpie's nest" are already irreversible trends. The once beautiful concept of the "Trinity" will eventually disappear due to the change of the times. . However, Shankly's SHZY trend of thought has never lacked successors who will pass it on from generation to generation. Whether it's Paisley, Joe Fagan or John Barnes, they are all heirs of the "Shankley trend" and keep such flames burning. Winger John Barnes, who played a total of 406 appearances for Liverpool and scored 107 goals in the late 1980s, once commented on football: "Football is a sport with a strong SHZY color. Compared with those who blindly pay attention to it. For teams with superstar tactics, only teams that truly understand and practice the SHZY concept can succeed."

也许在这个黄金美元的足球时代,强劲的资本涌入和“鸽子占据喜mag的巢穴”已经是不可逆转的趋势。由于时代的变迁,曾经美丽的“三位一体”概念最终将消失。 。但是,尚克利的SHZY思潮从未缺少将其代代相传的继任者。无论是佩斯利(Paisley),乔·法根(Joe Fagan)还是约翰·巴恩亚博登录地址斯(John Barnes),他们都是“ Shankley趋势”的继承人,而且这种火焰还在燃烧。温格·约翰·巴恩斯(Winger John Barnes)曾在利物浦(Liverpool)出场406次,并在1980年代末打进107球。他曾经对足球发表评论:“足球是一种浓烈的SHZY色彩的运动。采用超级明星的战术,只有真正了解并实践SHZY概念的团队才能成功。”

Even the current owner of the Liverpool Club and the CEO of the club appointed by Fenway Sports Group (FSG), Peter Moore (resigned), said to the media in October last year: "The cornerstone of Liverpool's success. It is SHZY. Bill Shankly, this SHZY from Scotland, is our founder. Even today, when we encounter some business problems, we will first ask ourselves,'How will Shankly do this? What would he say?'"

甚至利物浦俱乐部的现任老板和芬威体育集团(FSG)任命的俱乐部首席执行官彼得·摩尔(辞职)也在去年10月对媒体说:“利物浦成功的基石是SHZY。 Shankly是来自苏格兰的SHZY,是我们的创始人。即使到了今天,当我们遇到一些业务问题时,我们也会首先问自己:'Shankly将如何做?他会怎么说?'”

Even if Liverpool had fallen for many years and had encountered the darkest moments of bankruptcy and trusteeship, the tenacious Liverpool people can always make a comeback, just like the classic reversal of the team's previous kicks, as tough as a fight. Seeing this, please let us revisit the original question raised in this article: "Red Army" Liverpool and the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army are really related? My thoughts are, yes, this "Red Army" and the other Red Army, although a bit out of reach, do have such intricate connections. The relationship between the two is not only because they also have the reputation of "Red Army", but also because of the similar indomitable temperament and the foundation of the people rooted in the people. If it is the people’s children of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, Liverpool may be called the "people’s team." At this point, I have become more enlightened: it turns out that the unique temperament of the Liverpool club comes from this. It originated from the people, it comes from history, and it exists in the Kops who are full of "rebellious mentality" and defying power. The fans are the real owners of the team. We extol the long history of this team, extol its outstanding achievements, and extol the happiness it brings to us, but we don't need to praise the management and the boss. Because, this group of people actually only needs to "fill out the check obediently".


After all, the values ​​and SHZY spirit that Liverpool have long pursued are based on the phrase "We are Liverpool, this means more. (We are Liverpool, and more than that)". Liverpool is worthy of being the most unique red team in European and even world football!


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